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Access to the lake for boating and fishing is open to the public from dawn to dusk by permit only. Shoreline fishing is not permitted. In accordance with the management plan approved by Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Geauga Park District must restrict the number of boats permitted on the lake each day.

All Ohio boating and fishing licensing and safety regulations apply. Fish may be taken only with rod and reel or cane pole; a current Ohio fishing license is required in accordance with state regulations. Collecting live bait is not permitted. Geauga Park District encourages catch-and-release angling to help maintain a balanced and healthy fish population.

Open water boating season is generally April through November. Boating permits are issued for Bass Lake only. Headwaters Park and Eldon Russell Park are open for boating and no permit is required. Boating is not permitted at any other park property. Visitors may not swim or wade in any Park District waters.

When boating, children less than 10 years old may not ride in or occupy any watercraft without wearing a Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device; enough of these devices for each occupant must also be on board.

Watercraft powered by an electric motors are permitted so long as they are in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code Watercraft Regulations; do not create a wake; and do not carry a supply of gasoline fuel on board. At Bass Lake Preserve and Headwaters Park, gasoline motors may not be affixed to a boat even though they are not used. At Eldon Russell Park, gasoline motors are permitted with no horsepower restriction.

Off season permits: Although we discourage ice fishing due to inherent risks & safety issues, we will issue parking permits upon request during the winter season. This permit allows outdoorsmen to park at Bass Lake Lodge but does not encourage any activity on the lake.

To reserve a boat permit, simply click on the date you wish to reserve to the right. Boaters may only have three outstanding permits at one time.

To view a map of the Bass Lake Preserve, click here.

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