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Program: Make a Sundial
Park: Observatory Park
Room: Robert McCullough Science Center
Reservation Deadline: 10/13/17
Date: 10/13/17
Meeting Days: Fri.
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Fee: Free
Program Category: Astronomy
Program Type: Astronomy, Indoor presentations
Age Range: School Age and Up
Description: Come learn how to design and build several different kinds of working sundials so that you can add a working timepiece to your garden (or ceiling). Participants get to make and keep working paper sundials; we'll also have free plans for building something more elaborate. If weather conditions allow, this program will be followed by night sky viewing until 11 PM using Observatory Park's telescopes.
Accessibility: Fully Wheelchair / Stroller Accessible
Volunteers Needed:
1 Volunteer Opportunity