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Program: Travelogue: Katmai National Park Salmon Run
Park: The West Woods
Location: Room
Room: Oak Room A
Area: Oak Room B also
Reservation Deadline: 2/24/19
Date: 2/24/19
Meeting Days: Sun.
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Fee: Free
Program Category: Nature Indoors
Program Type: Indoor presentations
Age Range: School Age and Up
Description: Geauga residents Morris Pengilly and Joy Wyatt share their July 2016 wildlife experiences at Brooks River Falls Camp in Alaska. There they witnessed the annual sockeye salmon run. This is a spectacle of many hungry bears converging stream-side hoping to catch a meal as thousands of salmon swim upstream to their spawning areas.
Accessibility: Fully Wheelchair / Stroller Accessible
Volunteers Needed: