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Program: Geauga Gems Trekking Series Registration
Park: The West Woods
Room: Grounds
Reservation Deadline: 9/30/20
Date: 1/1/20 - 9/30/20
Meeting Days: Sun., Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sat.
Fee: Free
Program Category: Adventure/Discovery
Program Type: Geauga Gems Trekking Series
Age Range: All Ages
Description: Register here to complete 30 hikes on any combination of our 25 open parks' 70+ miles of trail before the end of 2020. Please specify name of each participant upon registration. Of your 30 hikes, 24 will be treks you’ll plan and take on your own, but six must be qualifying naturalist-led hikes, which will be identifiable by going to our website's Programs & Events page and filtering for the Geauga Gems Trekking Series. Upon registration, you’ll receive an email with a link to a printable Geauga Gems Trekking Card to track your progress. You may also pick up a card at The West Woods Nature Center or Big Creek Park's Meyer Center. Throughout the year, keep your card with you to mark the self-guided treks you take, and bring your card to the naturalist-led hikes to be marked. We encourage you to spread your hikes throughout the year to discover new trails and parks in different seasons! Finally, at year's end, those who complete the series will receive a collapsible trekking pole and inaugural Geauga Gems 2020 hiking medallion sticker to be provided at an event in January 2021. For FAQs and more, please select Hiking under Activities above. See you on the trails!
Accessibility: Partially Wheelchair / Stroller Accessible
Some trails are accessible, and parts of naturalist-led hikes may be accessible. Please call for specific details.