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Program: Signs of the Season Hike
Park: Frohring Meadows
Room: Grounds
Area: Parking Lot
Reservation Deadline: 12/3/22
Date: 12/3/22
Meeting Days: Sat.
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Fee: Free
# of people: 30
Openings: 5
Program Category: Adventure/Discovery
Program Type: Exploration, Nature outings
Age Range: Ages 12+
Description: Every season has something to offer when hiking outside. During winter things may be harder to find, but we will look for coyote tracks, abandoned bird nests, old goldenrod seed stalks, and other interesting nature while hiking the trails of Frohring Meadows. Ages 12+. Registration required.
Accessibility: Not Wheelchair / Stroller Accessible
Volunteers Needed: